What is the SIGNUP and LOGIN about?

Save your personal Song List

If you want to create a personal song list and have it saved in our database, you will have to sign up for the songlist service. In order to distinguish your song list from other users, your song list is saved in the database with your user name. The business of user services is handled with a Microsoft control. Your email address is required so in the event of a lost (forgot) password we can communicate with you automatically by email (This is part of the Microsoft User Services Control). The International Lounge respects your privacy and we will not share (sell, give) your email address with or to anyone.

After you create your song list, whenever you login the song list is automatically displayed. The website searches the International database with your username and displays all of your songs in a table format on the webpage. From that point, you can add additional songs and/or delete songs from the list. The song list is automatically saved back to our database. Some singers have 50, 100 or more songs in their song list. If this fits you then you should consider the songlist feature of our website.

If you don’t have an interest in saving a personal song list you do not need to signup. If you would like to demonstrate (test drive) the song list feature before signing up you can login with

User name: singer1
Password: !karaoke
Check out the song list feature of our website.